Origin:  New York, New York


Genres:  Pop


Year Active:  2019


Label:  Independent


Junior is a New Jersey born pop singer, releasing his first solo album "Red Angels and White Roses". The album has the potential to be one of the best debut albums the year, featuring producers who have worked alongside Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars. His first single from the album, "Love is Gone", has been critically acclaimed in over 40 blogs and publications around the world.
- International Music Magazine
“2019 Breakout Artist of the Year”
- Indie Band Guru
“A powerful, cinematic pop song I can see in movie trailers”
- Stepkid Magazine
“A gigantic song with a stadium feel”
- Buzz Music Blog
“The whole thing feels like a huge experience”
- Stereo Stickman Magazine